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2nd Grade

Student Links

Student Links

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 1.  1.  Dance Mat


 Poems (Cinquain)
 2. Telling Time  2.  Keyman Typing Dino Directory (1-good) Spelling City
 3. On Time  3.  Typing Factory Dinosaur for Kids
 4. Stop the Clock.  4.  Learn Home Row Fossil Image Galleries  Letter Quest
 5. Math Facts Practice  5.  Keyboard Zoo The Learning Zone  Spelling City 
 6.  Keyboarding Skills Meet the Dinosaurs
 7. Math Bingo  7.  Typing Adventure Virtual Dinosaur Dig (2-good    
 8. Addition Facts to 20  8.  Typing Rocket Smithsonian Dinosaurs  Spelling City
 9. IXL Math  9.  Sky Chaser Games Scholastic Dinosaurs        


10. Math Magician 10.  Learn to Type Natural History Museum Dinosaurs  
11. 11.  Keyboard Lessons Natural History Museum Dinosaurs  

 Scholastic Dinosaur info


 Life Cycles

    Little Explorers on Butterflies  
    Monarch Butterfly Video  
    Life Cycle of a Frog  
    Life Cycle Movie  
    Bird Life Cycle  
    Frog Life Cycle   
    Butterfly Life Cycle
     Life Cycle of a Ladybug  
    Minerals, Rocks,Soil and Fossils  
     About Rocks  
     How rocks are f  
     Fossil Facts  
    Kids Dino - Fossil  
     Rock Cycle Interactive  
     Rocks for Kids  
    KidsKonnect - Fossil Facts  
     List of Rocks  
     Awesome Fossil Facts  
     Rock facts  
     Rock cycle  
    More Rock Info  
     Monterey Bay Web Cam