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Parents on Campus Volunteer Program

Parents on Campus
Parents on Campus (POC) is a school program dedicated to promoting a safe and friendly environment for all members of the Sierra community. The Parents on Campus program is based on the belief that increased adult visibility on campus will reduce safety related distractions and provide our students with a sense of security, stability, and happiness.
How Does It Work?
Parents on Campus brings volunteer parents to school at times they are available, and is particularly helpful during recesses and lunch periods. Volunteer parents walk around the campus, mingling with students, monitoring the parking lots and sidewalks, keeping eyes and ears open. Any concerns will be brought to staff personnel who will always be available to handle any situation.
How Do I Volunteer?
  • Volunteers must be CLEARED by RUSD; this includes a background check and submitting your fingerprints. Prior fingerprinting done for any agency or organization other than RUSD will not be accepted. Fingerprinting takes approximately 72 hours to clear.
  • Fingerprinting completed for RUSD specifically. Prior fingerprinting done for any agency or organization other than RUSD will not be accepted. Fingerprinting takes approximately 72 hours to clear.
  • Current Tuberculosis Test (TB). TB tests expire every 4 years and must be renewed in order to volunteer. TB Tests take approximately 48-72 hours for results and results must be brought to the office.
  • To check your volunteer status, please call the office or email our Secretary, Kimberly Ervin, at
You may volunteer for Parents on Campus on a regular schedule, i.e. weekly, bi-weekly, once a month, or whenever you like. Drop-ins are welcome, just make sure to get a Parents on Campus lanyard in the office. Please email our Secretary, Kimberly Ervin, at, if you'd like to set that up!
When are lunches and recesses?
10:15-10:30 TK-3rd Grade Snack Recess
10:35-10:50 4th-6th Grade Snack Recess
11:35-11:55 TK-1 Eats Lunch, 2/3 Plays at Lunch Recess
11:55-12:15 2/3 Eats Lunch. K/1 Plays at Lunch Recess
12:25-12:45 4/5 Eats Lunch, 6 Plays at Lunch Recess
12:45-1:05 6 Eats Lunch, 4/5 Plays at Lunch Recess
A Day In The Life Of A Parents on Campus Volunteer
  • Get a Parents on Campus vest at the Front Office and sign in.
  • Be a friendly adult presence on campus.
  • Head out to campus, have fun and engage the students in conversation during recesses and lunch, and generally monitor the campus and sidewalks along Camborne Way when students are in class.
  • Report any concerns to Front Office staff.
Interacting With Students
Have fun walking around and observing the students. You will be “in the know” about what kids are saying, eating and wearing at school. Enjoy them and engage them in conversations. You may be surprised how much kids enjoy connecting with adults! Parents On Campus is not a security patrol; rather it is a highly visible, volunteer program that promotes campus security through positive parent presence. Your presence will maintain a safe, caring environment for our students. Please report to staff any inappropriate, unsafe, or questionable behaviors you observe.
Rainy Days
On rainy days, volunteers are needed even more! Students go to the cafeteria to eat on rainy days, and have recess time in class. We still need parents on campus. Bring a jacket and an umbrella.
General Reminders
  • Please remember to be available and approachable
  • Dogs, no matter how friendly, are not allowed on campus
  • Students are not allowed to use cell phones at school
  • Parents should abide by the same rules: no cell phone use, dress appropriately, no gum chewing
  • School staff, not Parents on Campus volunteers, will enforce all school rules for students
  • Bring sunscreen and a hat
For more information, contact:
Kimberly Ervin, Secretary: 916-788-7141
Many thanks to Sierra parent, Gene Moorhouse, for sharing this idea, and to our PTC board for sharing their additional ideas and input!