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Drop-Off/Pick-Up Procedures

Thank you for your support and cooperation in helping keep your children safe.



  • Drive slowly in parking lots and on surrounding streets.

  • Remain patient, courteous, and follow the rules.

  • Cell phones should not be used in the parking lot, especially when students are present.  

  • Do not block crosswalks or street access.

  • Always watch for children and be cautious.

  • No U-turns on Camborne.

  • No parking or dropping off/picking up in the bus loop. Buses only.
  • Please do not instruct our 6th grade parking attendants, crossing guards or parking lot supervisors.  We appreciate your feedback, but our attendants are doing what we have asked and trained them to do.  If you have a question, comment or idea, feel free to talk to or email our office staff. 

Parking Lot Procedures and Maps

Parking Lot Procedures and Maps

Click below for detailed information about our parking lot procedures.  If all families follow these procedures, our lots will be safe for students and allow for swift pick-up and drop-off from school.  These procedures were developed with the help of our families and in conjunction with law enforcement. Thank you for your support following our procedures.