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Positive Behavior Intervention & Support (PBIS)

Sierra utilizes the Positive Behavior Intervention &

Support (PBIS) Framework and is supported by Rocklin Unified School District & Placer County Office of Education.




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Good things come

to those who


Click below to access different components of our School-wide Behavior Plan and always connect with
your child's teacher if you have any questions.




We will:


  • Stay Safe
  • Work Respectfully
  • I'm Caring
  • Make Responsible Choices


Teachers and staff teach students Sierra’s behavior expectations in all locations on campus - from the classroom, to the playground, to the cafeteria.


In addition to the lessons students receive in all common areas on campus, signage is present throughout the school to remind students, staff and parents of the expectations.


Acknowledgement System

Students are acknowledged for following the S.W.I.M. expectations with Shark Shoutouts, celebrations with peers, and individual and class rewards.


Students earn Shark Shoutouts with SPECIFIC verbal praise about how they are following the S.W.I.M. expectations.


Students will turn the Shark Shoutout into the grade level bucket in the office on Friday with a celebration from their peers and the opportunity to win an individual prize in the Shark Shoutout weekly raffle.

All the grade level Shark Shoutouts will be collected and added to the grade level tank. Working together, the students will earn a grade level reward when they fill their tank.
Below are links to additional Acknowledgement System documents/videos that we use at school to help guide our decisions.



Supportive Student Discipline

We recognize that elementary school children do make mistakes and need fair and logical consequences.  Depending on whether the behavior they exhibit is considered minor or major, an appropriate consequence will be issued.  


Being able to document places, times  and perceived motivations of problem behaviors will help Sierra staff and families keep our community on a positive track.


We use the behavior form to document and track how our students are doing. We would hope that this document never visits your home, but if it does, we have supports in place to help both you and your child.

Below are links to additional Supportive Student Discipline documents that we use at school to help guide our decisions.

Example of Sierra Elementary’s behavior form:



Family Involvement

Family is an important component in the success of every child at Sierra.


At home, families can:

  • Ask your child how they SWIM in various locations at school
  • Encourage your child to SWIM at school, including before & after school
  • Ask why they received a Shark Shoutout this week
Below are links to additional Family Involvement documents that will support our PBIS framework.

IB Connection

Expectations relate to the IB learner profile attributes. Students may earn Shark Shoutouts when they are caught meeting these expectations.

Here are some examples:

  • Principaled - In the halls, walk in a single file line and stay to the right. 
  • Caring - In the bathroom, use only the water soap and towels you need and respect other's privacy
  • Communicator - Use voice levels 0-2 in the office and classrooms
  • Open Minded - During lunch, invite others to join; make room for everyone
  • Thinker - In the classroom, think about what is being said
  • Reflective - When lining up, be a role model by consistently demonstrating proper behavior
  • Risk-Taker - In the library and in assemblies, raise your hand and participate
  • Knowledgeable - On the playground, play games according to school rules
  • Balanced - In the bathroom, wash hands with soap every time
  • Inquirer - When you earn a Shark Shoutout, asky why you received it if you are not told


Action Cycle.jpg

Student reflection is an important part of the IB Primary Years Program (PYP).  Reflection on content of units helps us retain knowledge.  In learning about positive behavior choices, students who follow expectations will be given a Shark Shoutout.  Students who are not following expectations will first reflect on their behavior.