Sierra Elementary School

Robotics and STEM Enrichment for Young Minds

At IntelliBricks, we believe play is an important basis for learning. Our classes offer young minds stimulating, hands-on learning through the exploration of STEM concepts.

Each of our lessons has been carefully crafted to catch the curiosity of elementary school students, suit their interests and needs, and allow them to act as scientists themselves. Improving teamwork and creativity while learning problem-solving and design results in a sense of well-founded pride and accomplishment for students in every one of our classes.

Our Offerings:

JavaScript Coding and Electronics with PodPi* - Matrix and Circuit Scribes:
Continue your JavaScript and electronics adventures by creating and animating a 8x8 LED matrix. Learn how the I2C protocol works and make an electronic flipbook to impress your parents and friends. Learn to decode the resistor bands and make your own resistor divider circuit. Then create paper circuits using Circuit Scribe (conductive ink). The lessons are based on a new comic book series that will engage your child in learning not just the technology but other fun facts about the components and their function in today's devices.
Lego® Robotics GameBots:
Trip to a carnival is always fun! A game of ring toss, a ride of go-kart, duck hunt or just dancing! Who wouldn’t want it? Come join us to build Lego models that mimic carnival games and have some fun while learning all about robots, programming, sensors and engineering concepts like rack and pinion, pulley and wheels, gears, cams etc.
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