Sierra Elementary School

Every day, we let creativity glow!

We offer Firefly Art because the creative process is a fundamental part of development. While Firefly Art teaches drawing skills with a variety of art media, it also teaches children life skills. In Firefly Art, we embrace “mistakes” as part of life, and we learn to move through those mistakes, and beyond them. We want our students to be able to draw as a secondary means of communication, to relish in the creative process, and to also learn how to design creative solutions when we make "mistakes".

How do Firefly Art classes work?

Classes are right on campus! - Classes are held in a designated classroom or MP room on campus, and start 10 minutes after the bell rings. Students are always supervised.
All supplies are provided! - Classes are 60 minutes, and are typically held in 7-8 week sessions. All art supplies are provided and included in the class fee.
A new project every week! - Classes never repeat. Sessions run consistently all year; typically a school offers 4-5 sessions of classes from September-May.
For more information see our flyer - Firefly Art
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Have questions? Please feel free to call us at: 916-419-7644